balance-3-1564612   I’ll be honest, mine is not that great.  I can probably stand on one foot for 20 seconds.  Fortunately for me, this is not the “balance” I am talking about.  I am a strong believer in balancing the gym/fitness/diet with your life/hobbies.

Want a day off from the gym to watch a movie?  go to a game?  make that raid time?  DO IT!  You won’t die or lose all your gains, I promise.  I see people all the time who stress over missing just a day or two from the gym.  Remember, you don’t live to go to the gym, you go to the gym to live (longer, healthier, better, etc).  Don’t get me wrong, I also don’t believe in missing the gym a lot either, consistency is key.  If you missed the gym yesterday, make it up today.  I try and schedule things around the gym or go before/after is possible.  Having a balance does not mean its an excuse to miss the gym because you are just being lazy (A bit of tough love).  The key is not to stress and take a day if you need it.  I try and go 5 days a week, that works for me.  I suggest finding a program that aligns with you weekly gym visits, but I suggest at least 3 days a week……less than half…. COME ON PEOPLE!

Diet….diet……. the biggest key to success here is BALANCE.  I am referring to diet in a broad sense, of the average gym goer maintaining/losing weight (if you are in contest prep this does not pertain to you).  If you want a Snickers eat a damn Snickers, but remember balance.  One Snickers, one sweet tea, one Big Mac won’t make you fat or kill your diet, its one Snickers after every meal, that will.  If I want something sweet or fatty or super high in calories I will usually eat it.  I will make other sacrifices throughout the day the make up for it.   I am also a huge fan low calorie options.  I know saving 30 calories doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up.  Another thing I tend to do is skip a side item.  If I get that glorious work of art from Quiznos know as a “Chicken Carbonara” I will skip the chips and go with water.  I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up.  A small bag of Cheetos is 310 calories and cutting that out from a daily sandwich everyday will save you over 2000 calories.  Just remember balance and moderation.  If I eat something I know is high in calories, I will balance that out later, whether is be a lean protein, a shake, or some fruit!  The key thing to remember is balance and quality of life.  I believe dieting is a game of give and take, depending on your goals and what you deem important.



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