Genre – story driven, adventure, indie

Publisher – Everything Unlimited LTD

Developer – Everything Unlimited LTD

Length – 1.5 hours

Rating – 8/10


This game was interesting.  I knew that I was in for a ride after I figured out the same guy who made this game, made The Stanley Parable.  The Beginner’s Guide is heavily narrated, which is fantastic, but keep in mind it does not play like a typical game.  The game is narrated by someone who remains unnamed. The story is not initially about him.  The narrator takes you through the development and progression of a series of games made by his friend “Coda”.  The games made by Coda seem to represent his emotions at the time he is making each game.  The game takes a big turn in the last 10 minutes or so of gameplay.  I highly recommend checking out this game.  I believe the game is a bit pricey for how short it is and I do not think you need more than one play through, although I would still suggest buying it.  There is so much more to discuss that I will make a separate post.  This is strictly a review and spoiler free.  After completing this game I would love to have your input on the underlying meaning!


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