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Hi, Dunes again, here today with a gaming review. Today I will be writing a somewhat “In depth” review to the game “The Beginners Guide”. By the end of this article, I hope to have you fully convinced that this game is worth your time, and your money.

The Beginners Guide is a first person game that has very basic scenery, texture, and controls. Looking at the game without being able to hear the voice narrating it, the game would look like a cheap alpha or beta. Thanks to the narrator and the story of the game, even with basic graphics and layouts, this game is an immersive, personal, emotional journey into the unique relationship of the narrator, and the developer of the game environments you explore. When you finish the game, you are left with more questions than answers, and you are left to ponder the many heavy ideas that this game puts on your mind.

The Beginners Guide introduces the question of whether a random person’s interpretation is more, or less valid than the interpretation of the person who created the work. In this story, you get to see all of the works of the game developer “Coda”, but you see them through the interpretation of the narrator. As the game progresses, you see the narrator dive deeper and deeper, attempting to extract meaning out of Coda’s levels, even when the levels don’t make any sense. You start to see the narrator almost begin to unravel, as you take this journey through Coda’s levels. By the end of your journey, you see the narrator completely come unwound, and you realize the journey you’ve taken hasn’t been about Coda at all, it’s been all about the narrator.

When the story is over, you are left to process the unique relationship between Coda and the narrator. You are left to wonder if Coda was right to get upset at the narrator’s interpretation of the games, or if the narrator had every right to interpret and share the games as he would. You are left to wonder if Coda stopped making games because he had nothing left to give, or because he felt like his games weren’t accomplishing his goals. This complex and immersive journey had me focused and completely entertained until the very end. This game is short, but it is absolutely worth every second of gameplay, and every penny spent on it. Go buy The Beginners Guide, and experience the journey for yourself.


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